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Swimwear Care

Mayoya a good outfit to look as good as the interest. No matter what brand of swimwear, if you notice that the necessary care proposals, is available and can save so many years. Achieved within one to two hours after each kullanmudan swimsuit, rinse in cold water and mild soap. Sunny oils, chemicals such as chlorine and salt water pools, jersey flexible structure and fabric damage. So I need to wash your swimsuit as soon as possible. Pressing the jersey into the water, washing machine, drying machine, drying and other wet clothes washing is not recommended. Leave to dry without squeezing your swimsuit. Sunlight, will cause discoloration of the fabric, do not leave your swimsuit for a long time in the sun. Hot water will damage swimsuits. Do not use hot water pools and spas for your swimsuit for this reason.

Swimwear Buying

Today, there are many point to pay attention swimsuit buyers. First of all, to stand good in wet and dry all day and night realizing. In addition, growing fashion industry in recent years, thanks to everyone according to his own body in a swimsuit or bikini can be found, offers many more options to buyers. Now, different colors, lines and cutting fraud, a single mayoyla long legs, thin waist, fuller hips, breasts, or be able to get erect. For example, full-looking red, orange, yellow and warm colors such as white, slim look for a blue, green, turquoise and black can. Vertical lines show the body in the long, horizontal lines gives the width. Diagonal stripes on the body cracks, created by the eye away from yanılmasıyla belirginlikten. Lines and in different sectors, the various possible to show her hips. These features integrate with the different models. For example, "Blusuon" model does not reveal the contours waist, hips, attracts attention. This model is suitable for women of thick and waist length short. "Mailot" on the back of a single piece of classical painting. One of the most preferred model, because most women give the best appearance. "Dressmaker", the ideal model for women wishing to cover the upper part of her legs. A short skirt covering unwanted areas. "Tunic", according to close the cracks.

Date jersey

Immediately after the first use of the beach yunandaki ancient costumes, toga called a seamless white sheets long and came up. Buckle, became quite popular in ancient times. The ruins of an ancient villa in Sicily, the Piazza armenia, women dressed in very similar mosaics bikinilerine have today. Swimwear fashions, from the Romans and then got shelved for a long time. The reason is not a recreational sports events, seen as an element of therapy ... but in the 1700s, Europe began to go along with the women's and men's beaches. This event has become widespread, especially in England and France. The first beach wear anything resembling a honeycomb elbiseydi pleated robe. This is far from rahatlıkdan clothing style did not matter enough to be inconspicuous. In fact, the only thing done to prevent the water off and open your legs, standing metal ağırlıklardı robes. 19. used for its healing properties, beaches century, since 1840, became the dominant approach to entertainment venues. In these years we started to walk north Americans come to enjoy the coast, planj's costume was the first major Adjuvant. Technological developments such as expansion of the railway pathway, allowed people to have easier access to the beaches. Accordingly, the demand has increased olarakda holidays beaches. Developing the economy began to devote more time to have fun with the people, the coastal towns of increased demand. It was time for beach wear big changes. Swimming spores can easily be done as needed, as well as a simple model. The first swimsuits consisted of baggy trousers and black socks. 1860s, in order to prevent exposure of internal çamaşırıda added to these models. Women are still avoided swimming. Because, in those days was thought to be a sport of swimming alone than men. Olympic sport of swimming in the late 1800s and became widespread among the universities. Now you can easily yüzebilirlerdi women. Beach fashion, caught a great opportunity to thrive in those days. 1800'lerle together in one piece and trousers in a nluz "Princess" (Princess) found cutting. In this section, down to the string used in a separate skirt and waist button. Completing a title often frilly Princess model. Began to uncover more than a new body contour swimsuit models, and this 20th Century has opened a new era in women's mayolarında. 1907 Australian Annette Kellerman is a large single piece of America, led a new movement and was arrested for kıyafatle floats. This model was used in later years. Started to become more comfortable now trendy swimsuits. In the early 1920s, used as an apron skirt suits, rather than to cover the lower part of knee-length legs on top, but it was plain to geçildi.Çoraplar still used. In the 1920s further increased the importance and fun vacation. Nev York's Madison Square Garden, 1916 infrance "Bathing Suit Day" (Mayo Day) to be considered, shows how big is the interest. Less-piece suits, but narrower than athletic, more sexy models were preferred. Segments of the growing interest in water sports and the French yüzücülerinin unusual swimwear, was one of the most important reasons for the change. Was awkward and uncomfortable corsets. Sexuality revealing models were preferred. Çalışmıyorlardı women's bodies to shut down now. Thus, gradually shrank and shrank swimsuits. In the 1930s a new generation of fashion designers, user-friendly and modern models developed properly. The best example of the famous Bauhaus oluştuyordu model. In 1934, body wraps, and more downloadable shoulder straps swimsuits planted to soak up the sun. At the end of 1930, which is more revealing "molded-fit" model was implemented. In the meantime, short-skirted "panel suit" was common in the so-called model. 1940s, beach, beautiful, high-heeled slippers, singlets fotomodel girls appeared and began to decorate jewelry. This is an instance of the most exciting, two-piece "bikini" was. July 5, 1946 Fashion designer Louis Reard, introduced in this model show in Paris. Type the name of the America's nuclear test, where the coral islands of the South Pacific took the bikini. Swept the world has radically changed the bikini and swimwear industry. Reard this model, produced up to that time said it was the shortest mayo and "How short?" Questions "that he wore a short woman, reveals everything except her mother's maiden name." She replied. Olmaıs time of war, The refractive use of fabric production. Therefore, this model is a great solution that requires less fabric. A woman in the 1950s, as long as göüğsleri arzulanırdı fuller. Women would have reinforced cotton göüğslerini. Cotton Wonderbra'sıydı of that period (today's a very famous brand in a bra). However, the suits were not the most convenient solution. In recognition of Christian Dior, look for a more comfortable alternative models üretti.1960 's cüretkardı more. Monokiniyi a topless model revealed that Rudi Gernrich. Very important long-legged look. Women's bra burning incident in protest in 1970 was only admired for her breasts. Has become fashionable to wear braless new messages "you get what you see" was. Breasts no longer gizlenmiyordu cotton. Şaşgınlık did not create this situation, but has become a major problem for women. Both because it did not want to go down to her breasts did not like their breasts appear smaller. As a result, began to fashion in 1980, plastic surgery and silicone ran to help. Plump women are beginning to rely on themselves and erect breasts, began to wear more daring models. Reard beacon creator died in 1984 off the coast of America and Canada bikini costume was indispensable. Due to problems caused by the operations, came to the fore in the 1990s ailikon swimsuits underwire support. Cleavage, and it was very important to provide an attractive model is a very developed. "Rio-cut" "Hot pants" and the various sub-parts called thong models were produced. By the year 2000 for a body and a courageous young ladies "monokini" and "thong" appeared at the beaches.